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Nick name for former Canadian prime minister Jean Cretin after he assaulted a protester in Hull, Quebec on February 1996. Pun on famous wrestler Hulk Hogan.
What's Hull Hogan up to these days? Beating up more protesters?
by Eddy August 30, 2007
The loonie left wing of the U.S. politics. They like to come up with feel good do nothing policies and hock them on the population like they were doing them a favor.
Don't vote for Hillary! She's one of those DUMocrats!
by Eddy March 19, 2007
Violent extremists with no ethics nor morals. They will stop at nothing to force their extremist minority views upon the majority fascism. They have endangered the lives of others, celebrated their deaths, distorted the facts, and attacked others to propagate their cause.
The Canadian coast guard should have torpedoed the farley mowat for endangering lawful seal hunters and for ramming other ships. The sea shepherd’s claims of being in international waters at the time are as preposterous as their antics.

How appropriate of the sea shepherds to bail out two of their farley mowat crew members with twoonies. They wanted to exchange two loonies for a twoonie!
by Eddy April 15, 2008
Possibly the one of the greatest stories ever written. It has a total of 5 movies and 100 or so books as well as hundreds of comics, games, etc. It is often pitted against Star Trek in flame wars.
Let's watch Star Wars.
by Eddy May 24, 2003
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