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What a gold digger looks for, a sugar daddy. The bigger the better and richer.

Slang for rich person supporting their object of affection.
Yah... I know I'm just a wallet for my gold digging whore, but she's damn good in bed so I'll keep her around for now.
by Eddy August 18, 2007
To shoot someone or a hunted animal up the ass. The Texas "star" being a euphemism for the anus.
For his major foul up, his punishment was buckwheat. After he took a .38 slug up the rear, he was conscious for the whole 45 minutes it took him to bleed out.

Sensing my presence, the deer turn and ran. So I scored me a Texas bullseye! YEEE HAAAW!!!
by Eddy May 04, 2007
TV reception from airwaves. No cable, no satellite, no Internet TV.
That old dinosaur only has tech from the 70s. You won't believe it but he's only got farmer vision!
by Eddy April 24, 2007
A reference to how the Spice "Girls" aren't girls anymore and some are Cougars!
Those aren't the Spice Girls, they're too old to be girls and should be called the Spice Cougars!
by Eddy December 02, 2007
An unscrupulous advertisement scheme selling the idea that a rich and successful man, out of the goodness of his heart, wants to help everybody else become just as rich as him.
Sucker: Hey rich dad seminars are coming to town! You coming along?

Smarter Person: HELL NO! If he's so rich why does he need to hock those BS seminars? First seminar is free... then comes the hard up sell. Not to mention he's probably phishing for personal info. He makes his bucks from the suckers that get hooked into his scheme.

Sucker: Oh... shit! I'm so stupid and greedy that I didn't think before I bought into his scam hook, line, and sinker...
by Eddy September 04, 2009
You can look but don't touch. Particularly used when someone asks to SEE something with their hand extended. A hilarious quote from Mr. Burns on The Simpsons TV show.
Castro (reaching for the trillion $ bill): May I see it?

Mr. Burns: See with your eyes not your hands!
by Eddy June 29, 2007
Euphemism / abbreviation for "Fuck your Ass".
You lost my days work? I'm gonna F your A!

Guy: Hey babe, let's get kinky.
Girl: OK... F my A big guy!
by Eddy September 11, 2007
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