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Going down on a girl while giving her manual G spot stimulation.
While going down on her, I slipped in a finger. She started moaning and twitching. When you feel the contractions, her hips arch, and the moaning stops, your doing the iron butterfly correctly.
by Eddy October 05, 2006
Yet another hare-brain feel good do nothing idea by the loony leftwing and hoplophobes that backfired. Gun free zones has never prevented a school shooting, and has made Washington D.C. one of the worst cities for murder and gun violence.
Loony Leftwing NUT: I know, we'll create a gun free zone and magically all the criminals will suddenly start obeying the law and disarm themselves!

Hoplophobe: Yeah, that's a great idea!

Logical Person: It's been tried so many times and is a proven failure. What makes you think it will work this time?
by Eddy November 01, 2007
Phrase coined by Lady Gaga in her hit song Poker Face. Means she's using her pussy (muffin) to con guys.
Joe: Hey Jill, let's hang tonight.

Jill: Nah...

Joe: I'll buy dinner.

Jill: OK.

Joe: Are you gonna put out?

Jill: Nope. Just a bluffin with my muffin!
by Eddy January 21, 2009
The attempt to control social behavior.
The Canadian government wants to create a passified country through social engineering.
by Eddy April 07, 2005
Short for Hoplophobe, someone with an irrational fear of weapons.
Don't be such a hoplo, fear the person, not the weapon.

Hitlery and Osama Obama are hoplos.
by Eddy December 10, 2007
Euphemism for someone who drops a huge, usually long, piece of shit. As a lumberjack lays logs, this person laid their log into the toilet.
Aww dude, couldn't you flush the toilet?

I did, but the log was too long go down.

You lumberjack!
by Eddy April 08, 2007
Proctologist (ass doctor)
Hey old timer, did doctor proctor check out your prostate with his boney finger?
by Eddy October 12, 2006

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