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A micronation in a story by the same name that was written by me. They use Tëlþuilgoç. They are known for not liking capitalism a whole lot.
You're more liberal than the communist party and Terra Pvlchra combined.
by Eddy August 19, 2003
Although they don't like capitalism very much, they surprised many by battlignt he Proletariat Warriors, a fanatical communist organization.
by Eddy September 05, 2003
the process of sticking someone's head in a toilet and flushing
We gave that jerk a royal flusher in the men's room
by eddy July 19, 2003
when a large amount of anger is built up and realesed once the person can not take anymore
You let you angerredity loose.
by Eddy October 18, 2003
A retarded gimp. One is has the qualitys of both a gimp and a retard.
Rachael S. is such a gimptard!
Wow thats a real fucking gimptard.
by eddy April 07, 2005
It is often translated as thick
M@o@lûmoksami/ is a name that means "One is thick."
by Eddy September 05, 2003
This conlang has been heavily modified and barely retained the name. The website is www.angelfire.com/mo3/terrapvlchra
by Eddy September 05, 2003
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