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Where we are headed when we realize just how useless the state and capitalism are.
People object that murderers and thiefs will ruin anarchism, but I think those people get off on hurting others and would gladly support the state if it gave them a chance to hurt others, except that they'll die when they try to declare war on the anarchists and lose due to their stupidity.

Kûk‡xenisi n!ok‡x'osi xno-k‡xek‡emi.
The state only exists to serve itself.
by Eddy December 23, 2003
something said when confused or puzzled
"Hollywood just blew up!"
by Eddy October 18, 2003
An imagianry block which consists of programs such as Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hauksho, Digimon, Pokemon and Cowboy Bebop.
Monday August 4, 2003

8:00pm Dragon Ball Z Buu's Reincarnation
8:30pm Best of Z Collision Course
9:00pm Yu Yu Hakusho Legendary Bandit: Yoko Kurama
9:30pm Digimon A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon
10:00pm Pokemon The Mystery is History
10:30pm Cowboy Bebop Sympathy for the Devil
by Eddy October 18, 2003
A hoodish city. Where the outcasts from NYC and Yonkers reside. Their sports teams are really BIG. Like REALLY big. TYhe players are jacked up! ugh Mamaroneck Cross Country always loses to their boys! All-County was held there once...never again.
Holy crap are you serious. That Mt Vernon guy just shot that dude in the head and nobody even looked!!!! Holy Moses-honey get in the car and hide your Jewelery!!
by Eddy June 22, 2005
a light term to use in a state of crisis, such as a train about to blow-up while you are still on it
"Oh, monkey-bibble! We gotta' get off this train!"
by Eddy October 18, 2003
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