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111 definitions by Eddy

Acronym for "Fucked Up The Ass"
Hey babe, ya walking a little funny. Did ya get FUTA?
by Eddy March 18, 2007
People Excusing Terrorist Acts. Violent extremists who will stop at nothing to force their minority views upon the majority (fascism). They commit acts of terrorism such as destroying others property, uttering death threats, and even killing animals in their attempts to force their views upon others. It is such hypocrisy and stupidity that their own people killed and mutilated a seal, on film, in an attempt to defame legitimate hunters and shock people into their hypocritical viewpoint.

Humans are classified under the animal kingdom, ergo humans are animals too. Yet many PETA members can't see the irony of their unethical treatment of fellow humans (animals).
Moron: Hey guess what, I just joined PETA!

Normal Thinking Person: What?!? You realise they are hypocritical terrorist! They killed and mutilated seals needlessly to try and sway others to ban the seal hunt, even if it means northern hunters will starve! They destroy others property and threaten their lives. How ethical is that?

Moron: Uh... oh... I guess I got caught up in all their emotional hype and never thought about it. Please don't tell anyone I shit out my brains and joined PETA.
by Eddy December 30, 2007
Usually a loony left-wing nut, aka dumbocrat, who mistakenly believes that the removal of lawfully owned guns will also remove them from crminal hands.
Despite the proven fact that banning of narcotics and firearms did NOT reduce their possesion amongst the criminals, Hitlery and the gun grabbers want to procede with more facist gun control schemes.
by Eddy December 30, 2007
david raymond miller is the American born mayor of toronto, the biggest city in Canada. He's known to be a hypocrite for efforts to slash police funding while campaigning on a law and order platform. His communist hoplophobic views are apparent in his repeated calls for handgun bans. His insanity prevents him from realizing that previous repeated banning of inanimate objects fail to prevent them from being used by criminals.
If david miller thinks banning handguns will prevent criminals from using them, he must believe there is no narcotics problem in toronto. Narcotics have been banned for decades, yet criminals traffic them like they were going out of style.

david miller claims half of all guns used in toronto crimes originated from the US, but can't provide proof of this claim. Police admit they can't trace the origins of 60% of these guns. Does david's insanity come with clairvoyance?
by Eddy January 16, 2008
A part of the body where the thighs meet. If's it's really big, it's often attractive.
I like really big booties.
by Eddy December 23, 2003
Butt Fuck with the first letters reversed.
His supervisor really futt bucked him good over that last foul up.
by Eddy April 11, 2005
Nick name for ontario's premier. DULL because he is a dullard and SQUINTY because he is shortsighted.
Is that dumbass DULLton mcSQUINTY STILL premier of ontario?
by Eddy March 07, 2008