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3 definitions by Eddie P

In SSS (Simplified Spelling Society) this stands for 'mine'.

Short version of 'mine' folowing, 'mynd, blynd, dying, crying', etc.
That's not urs, that's myn!!
by Eddie P October 21, 2007
The sound emitted from campaignest Howard Dean during a political pep rally. After telling the supporters of his campaign plans during the re-election for president. Also a sound done in Dave Chappelles parody on Howard Dean's speech.
"I'm going to Vancouver, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon. Then we're going to Vermont, Montreal, and then Im going all over the world and coming back to Washington D.C to take back the Whitehouse, BEEYAH!
by Eddie P February 10, 2007
A short spelling of the word 'bright' yu mite also see it as 'brite'. The SSS sujests tu use 'bryt, lyt, lym, ly, lyn, lyk, myt, dy, dyet, spy, sky, myn, etc.'

I got a bryt idea. Dang! Yu ar so bryt!!
by Eddie P October 21, 2007