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Mad fast, moving very quickly
Man when they announced that register was open she moved quicker than a whore in skechers
by Eddie O Spaghetti O March 02, 2009
A classy , chivalrous lesbian
She just threw her flannel shirt over that puddle for her girlfriend, now THATS a gentelez
by Eddie O Spaghetti O November 18, 2009
Becoming re- attracted to your wifes' nipples after several chidren and years of marriage.
I love my wifes nipples again, i tell ya, they came back from the dead, its a Breasturrection!
by Eddie O Spaghetti O December 23, 2008
A toyota owners apprehension when driving
I dont trust this Corolla near that elementary school, I got serious peddle Feelia
by Eddie O Spaghetti O February 02, 2010
A woman with exceptional nipple hard on that is visible in Astoria, Queens.
I heard that chicks Astoreolas are as smooth as Tony Bennetts voice.
by Eddie O Spaghetti O December 10, 2009
When a girl really wants you to fuck her
Helen has been trackingmypackage for weeks now, think i will fuck her on my birthday

( said all Brooklynish in one word like Feggetaboutit)
by Eddie O Spaghetti O February 04, 2009
When a man ejaculates so many times he gets a work out burn, but within his cock.
Yo man I had so much sex last night i got cumburn today.
by Eddie O Spaghetti O December 21, 2008

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