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4 definitions by Eddie Ewing

A baseball franchise that continues to struggle despite bringing in Lou Piniella to manage the team for three seasons. For some reason professional franchises in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area have a difficult time setting a precedent for winning (e.g. Buccaneers and Lightning). Although this appears to be the case, both the Buccaneers and the Lightning won championships. The Devil Rays have the lowest payroll and will continue to have a difficult time winning on account of this as well as the management being ideal about the future. The Devil Rays will surpass the Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates in the next few seasons, and could put together 70 wins depending on how well the youth progresses and whether or not an identity is established. Mind you the Devil Rays do play in one of the more difficult divisions. They were never blessed with much luck initially.
I really like the new Tampa Bay Devil Rays look, but I am not sure if they can pull together a .500 season. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens...
by Eddie Ewing October 01, 2005
Topeka is the capital of Kansas. Topeka has had a stagnate population of 120,000 people. Topeka attracts very little on account of careless citizens as well as a disorganized city government which is mocked by secular group of bigots known as the Phelps clan. Topeka also has one of the highest crime rates per capita in the nation. There is little to do in Topeka for young people as well as middle aged people who seek a night life. Topeka has no night life, very little culture, and very little reason for young people to settle there after college. The city also has a hard time attracting any young families. Shawnee, Kansas can attract young families where as Topeka cannot do such a thing. Topeka would have died out years ago if it was not the state capital. Can something similar be said about state capitals in general? If you live in the Greater Kansas City area or Lawrence, then there is no reason to ever go to Topeka. There generally is never a legitimate reason to visit Topeka unless you are interested in touring the capital building and seeing the World Famous Topeka Zoo, which now has to be maintained by the county. Topeka is devasting.
Student One: Hi, where are you from?
Student Two: Overland Park, and you?
Student One: ...Topeka...
Student Two: Oh...yeah Topeka.
Student One: Yes, Topeka of all places.
by Eddie Ewing October 01, 2005
A team on the rise. I am not saying this on account of the success thus far in 2005, I am simply saying this because the team's rise has been apparent since the end of 2002. After 12 seasons of losing, Team President Mike Brown (somehow the son of Paul Brown) finally opened his eyes and realized his fans were tired of waiting for the playoffs as well as a .500 season, and if he wanted to see another day, he would have to take initiative and hire a legitimate coaching staff. This occurred when Brown hired Marvin Lewis, the genius behind the 2000 Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. Lewis is a tough but fair coach who brings out the best in his players. Lewis also should have been hired as a head coach much sooner. Soon this will make Brown look brilliant on account of his ability to build up a team. The Cincinnati Bengals have not had a truly successful season since the 1988 season when they finished 12-4 and came very close to defeating the San Fransisco 49ers in Super Bowl 23. The Bengals endured a horrendous and humiliating decade following that Super Bowl loss.

Currently the Bengals have one of the best young quarterbacks in Carson Palmer, a consistent and durable halfback in Rudi Johnson, a group of talented wide receivers such as the vocal Chad Johnson, and a young improved defense guided by Marvin Lewis's expertise. The Bengals have become one of the more fun teams to watch in football and are currently playing their hearts out to compete with the likes of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC North Division. The Bengals have devoted fans who have stuck with this franchise throughout all of the losing seasons. The Bengals will officially drop the "Bungles" term this season when they turn heads not only in the media but around the league as well.
The Cincinnati Bengals should begin to make the playoffs and take teams such as the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers by surprise now that Head Coach Marvin Lewis has his team moving in the right direction.
by Eddie Ewing October 01, 2005
People who spend way too much time on Urban Dictionary clicking the thumbs down on the latest factual information regarding their underachieving and boorish New York sports franchise. The fact of the matter is, the Mets had a lucky season in 1986 and have done very little since then. Their claim to fame that season Dwight Gooden cannot keep his nose clean and they continue to play in Shea Stadium in Queens. I have seen the stadium myself and can honestly say it needs to be demolished or turned into a museum. Perhaps the Mets will stop being mediocre and become competitive. It's pathetic that the Braves continue to dominate the National League East, not to mention the fact the Mets can barely compete with a team that was on the brink of folding and a franchise that cannot fill a stadium or keep a team in tact. Mets fans are also used to being pampered by a bias East Coast media which for some odd reason favors them to compete with the Braves for the division title each season.
Mets Fans need to stop spending all of their time on Urban Dictionary and do something productive with their time: Like reading up on next season's projections.
by Eddie Ewing October 01, 2005