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When whiny little bitches who are so lost in Political correctness can not have an intellectual conversation without feeling butthurt
Me: "If the N-Word is negative, by logic, non should use it, but if its positive all should be able to use it"

Idiot: "No you can't you are not the same color skin"

Me: "So based on your argument I need to be black in order to have a pass to use the word Nigga in a positive way? isn't that racist"

Idiot: Na cause thats racist

Me: "What are you! an intellicist"
by Eddie Broadway July 12, 2015
:U = IDK
-: = 2k12 smiley face

;- = 2k12 Smiley face with a wink
Sara with no H "Why are you Laughing"

Edbin :U
by Eddie Broadway October 29, 2011
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