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To "moon" or show your bare ass to someone while pressing the ass up against glass.
Jamie decided he was going to press ham on the window at the local Mc Donald's and all the cheerleaders screamed.
by Eddie Bell May 27, 2008
To do or say anything that will get you laid.
I had to throw work at her all night before I got lucky.
by Eddie Bell May 27, 2008
The act of anal sex which requires lubrication. Mostly used to describe gay men having sex.
The two men left the bar together to form a KY Connection.
by Eddie Bell May 07, 2008
A girl who hangs out and/or fucks a surfer and/or his friends in said group.
"Did you hook up with Katie at the party last night?"

"Nope, I was too wasted and ended up going home with one of the surf pigs."
by Eddie Bell May 27, 2008
To show support for actress Lindsay Lohan who has been dubbed Firecrotch by her peers.
"Lindsay's career can't be saved"

"You are wrong, I'm sticking with Team Firecrotch"
by Eddie Bell May 06, 2008
The act of swiftly moving one's finger in and out of a vagina or anus.
"Those strippers were flashing their pussies at me all night"

"Yeah, I even gave one of them a buzzsaw"
by Eddie Bell May 07, 2008
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