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Arguably the most influential heavy band of all time. Not only are they hands down the most musically talented metal band, they have also harnessed the power of evil will thrashing guitar riffs and explosive lyrics of folklore and true historical events. Anyone who slanders Iron Maiden is an immediate threat to the immortal Gods of Metal. Your days are numbered, and the time will undoubtedly come when Eddie will seek reparations by impaling your soul in a true iron maiden. The forces of evil do not tolerate douche bags who villify the fathers of contemporary metal. Claim allegiance to Iron Maiden or perish in a whirlind of hellish fire. Resistance will only exacerbate the wrath of the almighty one. Hail Eddie, the surveyor of all evil, and executer of flamers who know nothing about heavy metal!
Long live Iron Maiden, Eddie, booze, big 80's chugs and anything cool. Judgement day is near for all tools who don't listen to Iron Maiden!
by Eddie's Keeper May 26, 2005

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