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A well known club on Stardoll.com, people from other clubs reckon it's full of 'wemos' but it's not really once ina will post something about someone dying or getting ill, some of them, not saying all of them are normally fake, some are true though sadly ):. Then you'll get some noob pretening to be someone else in a tinypic which a bit stupid because they've gone on google and typed 'scene girl' or whatever and clicked on the first one they find and then claim its them, then you'll have some 'boy' (really a girl) posting a picture of Alex Evans saying that's 'him' (her). They don't really have populars, we have well known. You also get some virtual people and some people writing a story.

The club is owned by Robin, people make fake accounts and pretend to be Robin's dad or mother or whatever, some people will find them funny and other people will find them really annoying. In the end there's an army of them.
Also it's known as OC and let me tell you now OC IS AMAZING!
wemo;my dad died today and my brother died like a year ago so now i am on my own in care and i get picked on waa im gonna lyk go and die
next day;
wemo; ii'V3 TURN3D SC3N3 RAWRRR

normal people of oc; erm you said you died yesterday
wemo; 0H Y34HHH ITS H3R Sii$T4 Mii $ii$T4 Dii3D D0N4T3

noob girl 1; -posts picture-
normal person; dude, that's so on google.
noob girl 1; no it's not ur just jealous.
norma person; post a proof pic then.
noob girl 1; - logs off and never logs back on-

noob shemale; -posts pic of alex evans
normal person; dude that's alex evans.
noob shemale; -logs off and never logs back on-

Robin's 'dad' ; today robin had a poo
people who love them; LOL
people who hate them; SHUT UP YOU STUPID NOOB

me; originalclub is pretty awesome.
by EdGi; May 13, 2010

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