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The verb of the noun "penis" meaning to engage in activities involving the male genetalia. Sentences involving this word are useful to relieve the monotony of tedious lessons, CCF exercises. Try exclaiming one of the examples below when everything is quiet.
Sir, tell Chris to stop penising me...

'Tis rather penising, is it not peaceful maiden?

Sometimes this place is just so penising.

I hear they've booked Chris for penising with intent.
by Ed W, who is Lord November 11, 2004
Originating from a certain public school which might be somewhere in the south of England perhaps, this is usually shouted at someone who has none. When yelled, it means "aha, you have no friends."
After a bad joke: "Oh, mates Jim."

OR, when talking about someone, "oh yeah, Jim has mates."

Except we come from good backgrounds therefore know nobody by the name of Jim.
by Ed W, who is Lord November 09, 2004
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