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n., an over-sexed nymphomaniac who loves to pay detailed time, energy, and attention licking and slurping her lover's ball sac and popping his balls out of her mouth, first the right one, then the left one, etc., etc. Because she looks so incredibly "cute" while she performs all these marvelous naughty deeds on her man, she has to be labeled a pure "ball honey" or "scrotum doll" if one refers to her in ordinary conversations after that.
EX: Charlotte is great on and under the bed sheets, but that Ginger Anne is nothing but a "scrotum doll"; she sends chills up my spine every time her tongue and lips touch my ball sac and its nads.

EX: As cum spurted out of my pisshole all over Ginger Anne's pretty face, hair, and tits, I looked down at her and screamed out, "Why, you fuckin' little scrotum doll! You deserved all that nut cream, didn't you?"
by Ed Lambert July 14, 2006
n., the most respected black guy (among many black guys) who controls and choreographs the other three, four, or more black guys who are gang-fucking an innocent white be-atch (who worships black dick and gets as much of it as she can every day) during a significant gangbang
EX: "As the gang threw the nude Wanda onto the air mattress, she looked at Dexter who seemed to be in control of her humiliation. 'Jeezus Christ!' she said to herself. 'Is Dexter one of those interracial gangbang captains she saw on the Internet interracial porn sites who directed all of his homies to fuck their white-girl victims until they couldn't walk anymore or until they took all their hot goo down their throats?' She hoped not. But, it didn't look very good."
by Ed Lambert July 20, 2006
a gerund (n.) and/or particial phrase (adj.), as a gerund phrase, the act of sliding your big thick paw down behind her waistband, down and behind her panties (or thong if she wears one), and into her furbush at the base of the magic triangle, so you can finger fuck her silly at the movies, in her bedroom (while her parents aren't home from work yet), or in the backseat or your Lincoln Continental at the drive-in theater on Saturday night. As a participial phrase, the description of an famous male act as he works on his female love object, trying to get the foreplay going, hopefully, leading to better, harder sex like fucking yadda yadda and more fucking yadda double yadda.
EX: As a gerund phrase: "Gettin' inside her panties was harder than climbing Mt. Everest in your birthday suit in the middle of winter."

As a participial phrse: "Gettin' inside her panties quickly, I took a deep breath and hoped for the best of all possible worlds."
by Ed Lambert July 22, 2006

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