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Guy who, when he kicks people hard enough, it sure as hell sounds like he's swearing!
Captain Falcon: "F***in' KICK!"
Mario: Wahahahahaha!!!!! (ping)
by Ed Kolis February 14, 2004
Extinct avian alien race from Nintendo's "Metroid" series of games. The Chozo left behind artifacts such as Samus Aran's powered armor suit.
"The Chozo left behind twelve Artifacts, which the Space Pirates are after."
by Ed Kolis February 14, 2004
Alien race from the computer game Star Control. Half-feral cats which are heavily based on stereotypes of the Japanese from World War II movies. But who cares, they're hilarious!
"You sneaky good-for-nothing Ur-Quan pig-dog! Do not try to fool me with claims of being a hu-man! I know who you are and how you destroyed the Shofixti homeworld, you thieving cowardly rat! I will crush you with my StarGlory Device! KYAAAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!"
by Ed Kolis February 14, 2004
Annoying little hardhat guy from the Megaman games who can't be hit except when he raises his hat... but that's when he shoots! He's best avoided. AKA met, hardhat. Related to Sniper Joe. NOT related to Metroid.
Why doesn't Dr. Wily build all his robots out of metool hat metal? (aka metooloy)
by Ed Kolis February 14, 2004
Alien race from the computer game Star Control. Spathi resemble some some sort of mollusk with a giant eyestalk in which the pupil is constantly quivering. They are extremely cowardly and it's a wonder they ever achieved spaceflight.
"Ah greetings Hunam, this is the Spathi Voidship StarRunner! Please do not torture me today, as I do not very much like being tortured! The coordinates of our homeworld are..."
by Ed Kolis February 14, 2004
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