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trini slang used to describe sucking teeth. usually used as a jesture of disapproval or annoyance. the longer and louder the "stueps" is, denotes the severity of annoyance or frustration.
it's a sound so can't really use it in a sentence...next time someone gets you angry suck your teeth and you would have steups'd
by Ed Inglefield September 09, 2005
the word used by stupid fuckin americans whenever they talk about or refer to jamaica or jamaicans. jamaicans do not say mon, nor do any other caribbean people. please do all caribbean people a favor and take your head out of your ass and realize that the world isn't like what you see in the movies.
Me: aye joe i heard you were going to jamaica for spring break
Joe: yeh...it should be fuckin wicked "mon"
Me: that's....wait...did you just say "mon"
Joe: yeh "mon" jamaica is gonna be great
(I then proceed to beat up Joe's mudda cunt)
by Ed Inglefield October 06, 2005

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