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A game played by intelligent high schoolers. The game should usually be played in a trialer full or weight lifting equiment and sharp edges. In the probable case of someone getting a soccer ball slammed off the ceiling into their face, or falling and breaking their breast-bone on an 80-pound weight, they will be removed from the game. The victor is determined when there are no players remaining on the opposite team. The goal posts are to be outlined by two or more weight lifting machines. There are no boundaries, and no limit to how hard a person may fire the ball at the ceiling, walls, or other people.
Extreme Soccer. A sport played by many injured, retarted, or Jewish Children looking for a good time.
by Ed Cap October 17, 2006
A physical being that grazes fields around the globe. Cows are supposedly invovled in Alien schemes to be their probes of investigating human life. The Aliens know that since cows are known for their stupidity no one will suspect them of being the video cameras of the Aliens.
The Cow was staring me down, so I pushed him over.
by Ed Cap October 17, 2006
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