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(v) To embark on an adventure, to do something enthusiastically. Often used in an exclamatory sense.
"You boys ready to roll?"

- "Yeah, let's rip tits!"
by Ed Braun September 21, 2008
A dance-oriented musical rhythm that sounds like a hybrid of electronica and vintage porn groove. Examples include "Disco Science" by Mirwais, "Around the World" by Daft Punk, and anything by Moby.
"I dunno what was going on when that bare-chested guy with the pink v-neck sweater put on that strangely agreeable porno music, but I felt hot, bothered, and the need to dance."

- "Those were no normal rhythms, friend. Those were cock-throbbing beats."
by Ed Braun August 06, 2009
1. To insert an object into an orifice of a goose, often repeatedly. Derived from mispronunciation of "pimp the hoes."

2. Possible slang for masturbation.
"My good friend Brother Edwards likes to pump the goose on Friday nights."

- "He WHAT?"

"Pimp the hoes! The HOES!"
by Ed Braun September 21, 2008

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