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3 definitions by Ed (snuggles) Brooks

The situation where you might find yourself living or socialising in Lancaster, where many a yoghurt weaver or lentil hugger is to be found and where weaving said yoghurt is deemed to be normal behaviour for the masses.
"This town kills my head sometimes...I feel like I live in a yoghurtocracy"
by Ed (snuggles) Brooks October 05, 2005
9 3
The time of day or night when, after many hours drinking, injury or injurys through falling over, bumping into things or being offensive to someone, is bound to happen.
Should really be spelt "bingery time".
Have to seen that scab on Dave's head? I think it happened in binjury time.
by Ed (snuggles) Brooks October 14, 2005
4 2
It should really be spelt "doughverdose" as it is the wolfing down of a pizza or a club sandwich at the doors of a gig or a club because you are not allowed to take it into the venue.
It can lead to upset stomach and painful indegistion
"Slow down with that pizza, dude, you're heading for a doverdose"
by Ed (snuggles) Brooks October 13, 2005
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