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Your every-day guy, steriotype of the average person.
I went to the park to play ball with Joe Donut.
by ed October 15, 2004
Noun: A Ham Radio Operator. Lives in the washington DC area. Name Kevin. Can never have a simple conversation on 2meters Ham Radio. Always after only 2 minutes on the air he starts to screem words like Shit and Fuck. He starts to insult people And Drink and drink and drink more beer. All he talks about is how he gets crappy reception because he lives in an apartment and can't put an outside antenna up. You can find him just talking Shit on 145.490 or 146.835 in the Washington DC Area. once you hear him you never forget him.
Too Much shit he says to put in words.
by ED October 03, 2004
japanoize is a word used to catagorise any noize music made in japan
examples of japanoize are merzbow,massona,aidsadellic
by ed March 16, 2007
A word that some cheap used to plug a religious website instead doing real advertisement.
For a clearer example See definition 1
by Ed February 10, 2005
a page viewed on the internet
urbandictionary.com is a kick-ass web site
by Ed July 23, 2003
something that is crappy. usually involves people dying
9/11 was tragic
by Ed July 23, 2003
It originated on the playground, it comes from the art of being random. It is quite easy to use, just say it when everybody goes quiet
The dog ate the cheese
you what?
The dog ate the cheese
by Ed March 03, 2005

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