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"Granola Sex" N. 1. Sexual intercourse between two hippies. 2. Sexual Intercourse wherein the participants haven't shaved, showered, plucked, worn perfume/cologn/make-up, or deodorant. 3. Sexual Intercourse that takes place in nature, away from civilization (i.e. forests, mountains, fields, meadows, etc.)
Jack: (Seductively) hey, I just realized...we're camping and neither of us has had a shower in like, 6 days.
Jane: (Arches eyebrow)

(later, post-coital in the middle of the nature hike)

Jane: (Heavily breathing) Wow...that was the most amazing Granola Sex ever!
Jack: You are an animal!
#sex #nature #hippies #hygiene #cleanliness
by Ecogreengirl December 25, 2007
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