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As defined by comedian Paul Rust on podcast Comedy Bang Bang Live from Comic-Con (released 7/18/13): "What's a turd but the ghost of a burger."
"Hang on. I gotta go drop a ghost burger."
by EchoManZulu July 19, 2013
Cocktail consisting of 2 (two) parts Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka -OR- Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka (or comparable), 1 (one) part Peach Schnapps -OR- Orange Curacao (drinker's choice) and lemonade on the rocks in a 16 ounce (shaker) glass. (Not to be confused with a John Daly or an Arnold Palmer.)
I tried a new cocktail last night called the Wayne Float. It was kind of like an Arnold Palmer or John Daly, but less polo shirt, plaid pants & white golf shoes-ey.
by Echomanzulu December 21, 2011

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