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3 definitions by Eccentrica Gallumbits

In Elvish, it literally means "well met," however, it can also mean thank you.
"Hannon le, Legolas."
by Eccentrica Gallumbits May 07, 2006
1. Hardcore

2. Awesome

3. Very cool

4. To a high extent

For example:
1. That is the most x-core guitar ever!

2. His drum playing was x-core.

3. "I bought a new 'vette!"
"X-core! X-core!"

4. I love his hair, like, x-core to the max.
by Eccentrica Gallumbits May 05, 2006

Used to describe something desirable/cool.
"That's such a hoopy towel you've got there! Where'd you get it?"
by Eccentrica Gallumbits May 05, 2006