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Our five senses grant us consciousness. Our only perception of our existance in this physical world. If we lose our hearing, eyesite sensation of touch taste and smell what could we percieve? Would we physically exist? Science would say no. If we had only 4 senses our physical existance would likely be completly different (but only in the way we perceive it). Imagine if we had 6 senses, 7 senses how about 100? They would all be equally significant as the five we have now. Unimaginable by the human mind until they are experienced. (How could you articulate to a blind man what it's like to see? You could try, but in the end its just something you must experience.) How different would our universe "look" to us? Remember, there's more to this physical universe than we can understand. Some might ask the question, if there are other life forms far away in the universe (science would say that there are) how many senses do they posess? How much more advanced would they be than us? How much more fit for "survival" would their higher consciousness allow them to be?
Is full consciousness possible for any living being? We know it's not very likely for humans since we use only %10 of our brain capacity.
by Ecamsan007 February 28, 2009

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