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A beautiful, sexy, ebullient, graceful, captivating, petite woman with short hair.
Though she was the smallest of the group of women, her beauty and style made her the most noticeable. A true pixie.
by Ebullient Gideon June 27, 2011
Not quite horny.
John: Looking forward to your girlfriend getting back from her trip?
Jim: Yeah, I'm getting a little nubby.
by Ebullient Gideon June 27, 2011
A genteel request for sex that can be made in public.
She: You available for a staff meeting this evening?
He: Yes, I'll bring Peter.
by Ebullient Gideon June 29, 2011
When a man or woman is so needy for a relationship he/she will believe just about any bullshit to convince themselves they've found Mr/Ms Right.
Bill: See that woman at the end of the bar?
Bob: Yeah.
Bill: She is so desparate to have a boyfriend that you can easily bullshit your way into her panties. Go talk to her, she's shovel ready.
by Ebullient Gideon June 27, 2011
Theology based totalitarian government
Country X claims it's a republic, but it's really a theofascist state where religious leaders can trump elected officials.
by Ebullient Gideon July 21, 2011
When the groom breaks the engagement just before the wedding.
Jack: I just can't go through with the wedding tomorrow. Gotta call it off.

Bill: Uh, oh, here comes debride.
by Ebullient Gideon July 21, 2011
To control someone's success.
Boss- I'm lowering your commission. You're making too much money.

Salesman - Don't park me. I quit.
by Ebullient Gideon October 16, 2011

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