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Lil Fizz is a part of a group called B2K. he's the rapper of the group. He as 2 siblings (Brooke, & Chez.) He enjoys playing basket-ball and football. (and hez extremely HOT!!!)
I love Lil Fizz
by ebbie January 08, 2004
Usually located on a large pink cushion, anya is in fact a big fluffy white cat with a big bow in her fur. Bossy but cute, she always gets her way, especially over small dark tabby cats (often called ebbie)...Adorably, she takes good care over a silver tabby called Oscar (who she sometimes sneezes on).
Often found with a certain 'knowing look', she is infact part of a strange organisation because it has a cute name. Fair enough, as she is damned cute.
1)Person: Hey Anya
Anya: Im cute!

2)Small dark tabby: miaow!
Anya: HISSSSS *steals her pannini*
by Ebbie September 21, 2004

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