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5 definitions by Eazy E

Goodbye to the fullest. Getting frisky with the meaning of goodbye.
Person a: Aight dawg I'm out.
Person b: Aight Peace.
Person a: 100
by Eazy E August 12, 2003
366 194
The POlice code fo' when you be drivin' drizzunk, nigga.
"Fuck the police and a 502!"
Eazy E, 8 Ball
by Eazy E April 15, 2003
137 62
An Arab. So-called because, stereotypically speaking, they ride around on rugs like ALaddin. Probably the funniest racist term ever coined.
Aladdin ain't shit, he's just a damn rug pilot
by Eazy E May 07, 2003
41 2
The greatest plant ever known to man. See the song "Down to tha Last Roach" by yours truly, Eazy muthafuckin' E.
none necessary, just go out and smoke some.
by Eazy E April 15, 2003
59 32
A really hot guy/girl who you'd want to take home with you
That guy is so hot, I'd like to doggie bag him.
by eazy e March 12, 2005
7 4