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3 definitions by Eatthebottles

(Noun) A case of beer consisting of 24 bottles. Usually enough for one or two Canadians. "Case" or "Box" are seldom used in lieu of two-four. Popularly consumed with a candle light dinner.
Wife: "How's the Kraft Dinner, eh?"
Husband: "Good there. Would ya mind gettin us a couple more Moosehead outta the two-four? It's in the snowbank on the left, eh?"
by Eatthebottles April 21, 2004
149 47
n. v. A mean spirited or malicious practical joke. Often pranks are aimed towards authority figures or disliked peers. Embarassing or painful to the prankee, but normally not fatal.
Filling your friend's fire extinguisher with gasoline.
by Eatthebottles April 21, 2004
137 68
P.n. A slangy name meaning Mike or Michael. Commonly used for a particular Mike when you know too many guys of the same name.
Dude: Hey are you going to Mike's party?
Buddy: Mike Roberts is having a party?!?
Dude: No, buddy, I mean Myak.
Buddy: Ohhhh...
by Eatthebottles April 22, 2004
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