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While playing a video game, you succeed by pure brute force taking more damage then necessary.
Nerd 1: I just tank'd that boss for uber loot.
Nerd 2: I'm glad you are taking all of the damage, but stay alive.
by Eat My Rice August 15, 2009
Another word for the formally known "store".
Yo' nigga I is funna go to da stow to get some chicken.
by Eat My Rice August 14, 2009
A word used to describe a person or thing lacking sexual interest.
John Doe: Why aren't you having sex?
Maurice: Cause I got paired with a Geralynn.
by Eat My Rice August 14, 2009
A player made addition to an already created game or console. Usually resulting an an unfair advantage.
Yes! I just got my Modded xbox! I can cheat now because I have no skill! :D
by Eat My Rice August 15, 2009
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