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intransitive verb: to perform an act of vandalism or general civil disobedience in order to oppose the power of the man.
"Dude, I just threw a brick at the head of the Nike corporation!"
"Dude! Way to stick it to the man!"
by Easty December 27, 2004
noun: A singer who is simply a pretty face(s) to sell records for big music company. All songs are written and performed by session bands while they simply sing over the top.

The plural refers to bands rather than solo singers.
"Busted rock!"
"You're fucking joking right? They're total record company puppets."

"50 Cent is blingin' innit!"
"Come on... You can see strings in his photos."
by Easty December 27, 2004
intransitive verb.

Female masturbation.
Cor, Easty, you sexy ginger fuck. *ladyfwaps*

Sorry, I didn't hear you dear. I was ladyfwapping.
by Easty December 27, 2004
An attempt to give an abstinence policy a 'street' name so they don't realise that they're missing all the fun.
"I'm straight edge."
by Easty September 15, 2005
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