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can be given or requested
for use when u do something douche-baggy, asshole-ish or embarrassing while drunk..
Stan:"Damn Cody, u hit on my sister, sucker punched my roommate and pissed all over my girls car!!!"

Cody:"yyyeehh...Dude u gonna have to let me hold a get out of fail free card on this one. I don't usually drink the white....come on"
by EastCoast Kody May 08, 2009
1.) A person...(most likely a female) who is bound to get u into a fucked up situation

2.) A girl (under 21) who gets drunk and can't handle her alcohol
Rudy:"So i heard u were chillen w/ SmAshely las night."

Foote:"yeh she fucken projectile vomited all over me cuz!"

Rudy:"Dude that chicks total fucken Fail Bait....what'd u think was gonna happen?"
by EastCoast Kody May 08, 2009
Rolling On the Floor Failing
Bob; "What did I miss at the party last night?"

Joe; "Not much, just me getting drunk and ROFF."
by EastCoast Kody May 07, 2009

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