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Though more widely known as a term meaning clichéd or pedestrian, 'Hackneyed' also means to be knifed/stabbed or generally attacked - often by a gang or group of kids. Term originated from the reputation of the London borough of Hackney and its Jack the Ripper connotations.
(Verb: to hackney)
My friend's mate got proper Hackneyed the other night, 'e's not half right in the loaf..
by East-end wordary September 12, 2010
Noun meaning to take a chance, or a decision at random. Also used as a metaphorical road, implying someone is taking a risk.

(Named after the London tube station on the Central Line.)
'Let's take a Chancery Lane'.


'Sounds a bit risky, you're walking down Chancery Lane here..'
by East-end wordary September 18, 2011
Place name.
Abbreviation/slang for the South West London Borough of Wandsworth. Many parts of Wandy have experienced or are in the process of serious gentrification. An example of this is Wandy's 'Southside' shopping centre formally known as the 'Arndale Centre'; transformed in the 00's from sordidness into something new and trendy. There are still parts of Wandy - particularly Wandsworth Town area, that have retained their shittyness; ergo, this area has been nick named 'Little Hackney' due to it's striking resemblance to the North East Borough.
Shall we head down to Wandy Town then? Or would you rather go to Clapham?
by East-end wordary September 12, 2010
Place name.

Abbreviation/slang for the South London town Wimbledon.
Inhabitants of Wimbles are known as 'Wombles' - after the popular 70's children's TV show: The Wombles, who resided on Wimbledon Common.
They shut down the Tinseltown outside Wimbles tube stn... Where am I going to get my morning milkshake from now?
by East-end wordary September 12, 2010
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