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A dead art. MTV owned these poor souls in the 80's and early 90's without making them a fashion statement or anything. Now, there are no veejays and they are as dead as the Jedi. Seems that we must pray for society's downfall.
Hey look at me! I was a Veejay in 1983!!!! Now I have no job, or money and no one will hire me! WEEEEEEE!
by East Bay Ray November 08, 2004
A corporate killer that forces kids to not use their brains and not to be themselves, Obviously this killer must be stopped, but since we live in America, we can't destroy a money-maker. It forces kids to have sex,do drugs, and do stupid behaviour. They used to show music videos , and that stopped one magicl day.. If God destroyed MTV, I would tottally go to church more often.
MTV must be stopped at alll costs, but if you are amindless squabler, then you shall fall... Zombies ate my neighbors. The zombie was MTV. Mindmolesting TeleVsion.
by East Bay Ray November 06, 2004
America sinks low to listen to crap or let it in to this great land. Oh well, but Simple Plan is the worst band , those darn pseudo-punks that are rich!!!! Seriously, listen to real punk or leave me alone.
Simple Plan.... destroy their cds.. Warner Bros. oddly enough is good at selling albums
by East Bay Ray November 06, 2004
A horrible music genre that needs to burn in hell... Sublime is Dub music.
America doesnt make music like we used to.
by East Bay Ray November 06, 2004
Lamest trend. Kids who listen to most of the time crappy music and wear black and have to wear Hot Topic clothes to look different. Real goths are not close minded. Some goths are blues singers. Gothic is over-rated trend that really should die out .
Too bad our society has too many white sheep. We need black sheep again . Not kids wearing black
by East Bay Ray November 06, 2004
Dumb, uneducated kids who sit around in Hot Topic clothing and think that they are cool and smoke cigareetes to fit in, but not to fit in. They smell bad and have horrible music styles, and think that the world is out to get them. Also they are poor and spend money at Hot Topic when they shpould be buying a backpack.
Tim: Look at Jan, she is a metal-head kid.

Me: what a waste of boobs and asss.

Tim: She is 13 and her twenty year old "Goth" boyfriend got her pregnant.

Me : FUCK!
by East Bay Ray November 07, 2004

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