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2 definitions by Earl Zuko Pokwana

Zuko,a Nguni mane which means harmony, someone with a good heart, loving, appreciative and calm
Zuko Pokwana; uZuko kuThixo enyangewni: meaning 'Let harmony befall us all from the Almighty'
by Earl Zuko Pokwana July 09, 2003
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Pokwana, son of Chief Menziwa, was a great leader of AmaZizi tribe, who are now occupying land around UnThentu in Umtata and Ngqutura between Engcobo and Idutwa in the Eastern Cape,this name has become used as a surname by the clan, submition by Prince Zuko Pokwana
Pokwana ka Menziwa ka Zangashe: all those were Chiefs of AmaZizi
by Earl Zuko Pokwana July 09, 2003
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