13 definitions by Earl

adjust a small amount for improvement as in a race car or computer settings
I entered my computer bios and tweaked the memory settings.

My car is oversteering, I will tweak my camber settings.
by earl February 13, 2005
a pretty round creature that suns itself on rocks and chases cahoots...
When we walked down the seashore, we swore we could see a moop lying on the jetty.
by earl January 12, 2004
a small protusion between a bogan's legs that's only bodily funtion is to obscure their view of their pinky toes.
micheal hanthorn's "pipi" is dripping on his toes.
by earl September 05, 2003
Someone who is so totally useless in life that they only thing they can be relied upon for is to turn food into waste.
George W. Bush is such a crap factory.
by Earl September 16, 2004
A woman who, in her prime, was considered a cougar. She has now aged too far to fit that classification, but not so far that you would turn down action from her.
Back in the day, Nancy was a cougar. As she's aged though, she's really more of a hyena.
by Earl November 04, 2004
Means it stinks or smells unpleasantly
it bangs like ass in here!
by earl March 10, 2005

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