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A comeback. Usually the last resort in an argument, but sometimes the first if you can't be bothered with an argument or conversation. Normally short for "I had your maw" (meaning "I had sexual intercourse with your mother")
'That's shite.'
'So's yer maw.'

'You owe me.'
'Yeah, well your maw owes me for last night.'

'You're such a gay.'
'I think your maw would disagree.'

'Fuck you.'
'Shit, watch out. Here comes your maw, an' it looks like she's got an erection.'
by Eamonn H May 03, 2007
Hip-Hop music which achieves mainstream success and popularity. Generally not particularly good, however some Hip-Hop songs are popular because they are actually good.
+s and -s of Hip-Pop:

- Tragically, more people own 'I Am...' than 'Illmatic'.

+ 99 Problems was a popular song, but also very good.

+ Black Eyed Peas' first album, 'Elephunk' was good hip-pop, because they actually made songs about real issues.

- G-Unit

- 'Todd Smith' by LL Cool J

by Eamonn H May 03, 2007
An unfortunate idea, which for the last 300 years has made it acceptable for many English people to think that Scotland is a region of England. Although Scotland and England have totally different cultures and Scots people are a different race, many people who don't live in Britain believe that Scotland is part of England. It's just like Canada being considered part of the USA, except even more wrong. Oh yeah, there's Wales as well, and they even stole some of Ireland.
"Where do you come from?"
"Oh, in the UK?"
"Fuck off."

"¿Qual es tu nacionalidad?"
"¿Es diferente?"
"Si. Mucho, mucho, mucho."
by Eamonn H May 03, 2007

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