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3 definitions by Eaks

Sexual Pleasuring of ones partner usually in a rough manner
Eakins: I'm gon take Amber back to my crib n straight up thacker.

Jeeeerd: Shit dude that's my sister

by Eaks August 23, 2006
A forest of pubic hair in a females vagitorial area.
1. You know your in a bad situation when you've got a hairy clairy in the palm of your hand.

2. "Damn brah my night was sick till i spread dat bitch out...she was all hairy clairy!"
by Eaks September 05, 2006
1. The nigga that grabs the goose from a brothas cabinet.

2. A nigga who forgets to wash his dirty bitch ass hands afta finger-fuckin his lil ms. roten-crotch
Eakins: Send Gladden to snag that drank...he's got them sticky fingers.

Eakins: That shit was nutts...I finger fucked the shit outta dat bitch.

Jeeeerd: Fuck nigga why you shake my hand with them dirty ass sticky fingers
by Eaks August 23, 2006