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A feat achieve by the San Francisco 49ers, Chiacgo Bears, and New England Patriots.
The San Francisco 49ers went 18-1 and won the Super bowl.

The Chicago Bears went 18-1 and won the Super bowl.

The New England Patriots went 18-1 and lost the Super bowl. Sucka!
by Eagles 2011 SB Champs December 15, 2010
Philadelphia Eagles beat Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles Fan: Best day ever! PEBDC in the NFC Final!
by Eagles 2011 SB Champs December 12, 2010
"Fall into the Endzone" or "Falling into the Endzone"

Used to score a touchdown by falling into the Endzone.
Eagles Fan: Only Desean Jackson can do a FITEZ.

Cowboys Fan: He not the only one ot do a FITEZ, just the first.
by Eagles 2011 SB Champs December 12, 2010
Verb: to fail at scoring a touchdown
On September 15, 2008, while playing the Dallas Cowboys, rookie Desean Jackson caught a long ball from Donovan McNabb and threw the ball away a few inches before going into the endzone. It threw away a potentail game winning touchdown. The Cowboys won the game.

To see the play, type in "MNF worst play from a rookie" on Youtube.com


Before December 12, 2010, this term would be a valid. However, on the date mentioned above, DeSean Jackson scored a touchdown in a very awkward way.

To see the play, type in "Desean Jackson falls into endzone " on Youtube.com
by Eagles 2011 SB Champs December 12, 2010
A present or gift given to someone hoping they will either repeat their ferocious past or hope that they have a future not looking back.
I gave a gun to Plaxico Burress as a Michael Vick present when he was released from prison. He was then resigned by the Giants to everyone surprise.

Not to far into the future, when the Giants were down 28 points to the Eagles in the NFC final, Eli Manning and Burress rally a come back to win in regulation time by a field goal.

That night, Burress had to make a decision; do something stupid or prepare for the Superbowl.

The rest is history.
by Eagles 2011 SB Champs December 23, 2010
A behind-the-door deal in which Pittsburgh Sports team will win a few Championships here and there in exchange for having a really shitty baseball team. Usually their championship win are fluke wins.

This can easily be explained.

Pittsburgh Pirates- 18 years on losing season
Pittsburgh Penguns- 2009 Stanley Cup Champions
Pittsburgh Steelers- Superbowl XL and XLIII Champions
Philadelphia Sports team fan 1 : What the hell is up with this Pittsburgh Sports team conspiracy? So unfair.

Philadelphia Sports team fan 2 : I guess we have the exact oppisite; A football team that is always close, a hockey team that is always close, and a sick ass baseball team.
by Eagles 2011 SB Champs December 12, 2010
A Shitty football team that will blow a huge lead any day of the week.
1. In 2003, Kerry Collins and the NY Giants had a 24 point over the San Francisco 49ers. They lost the game 39-38 to Jeff Garcia and the San Francisco 49ers. And if you did not notice, Jeff Garcia is a horrible Quarterback.

2. In 2010, Eli Manning nd the NY Giants had a 21 point lead over the Philadelphia Eagles at Halftime and and after a pair of split touchdowns, still had a 21 point lead with 8 minutes to play. They Ultimately lost 38-31 after the Eagles scored 28 4th Quarter points in 8:00 minutes. BTW Eagles are in the Playoff Sucka!

O and BTW, you may have beaten Brady in the Superbowl when you had your chance, but our future is brighter than yours with Michael Vick as Quarterback.
by Eagles 2011 SB Champs January 03, 2011
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