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Aeree means "Eagle's Nest" just like the word aerie. This person is unique and adventurous. They love to have a good time with fun people, and are not afraid of being different.
Man, that show last night was great!

Yeah, I saw Aeree there, busting up the dance floor!
by Eagle Eye ADG July 23, 2010
When the borg land in Britain, they cannot help but be assimilated, you see. As a result, one finds a Lord Borgshire here, or there. He wears a black monocle that links into his borg-y plugs, and his wife is Lady Borgshire, of course.
NO! Run! It's the borg! *everyone is screaming and running*

Lord Borgshire: "I say! Resistance is quite futile. Undoubtably, you will be assimilated!"
by Eagle Eye ADG July 24, 2010

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