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Rectal is deeper than anal. In other words, someone who is rectal pays FAR deeper attention to detail than someone who is anal.
Person1: This is ridiculous. I have to get ALL the points right to pass the test?

Person2: Yeah, and to make it worse, if you mispronounce one word or if you take too long or too short of a break in between, you fail.

Person1: That's unfair! Why is the teacher so anal?

Person2: She's more than just anal. She's rectal!
#anal #tight #detail #deep #rectum
by E_Dawg January 10, 2009
When something is so slow, it moves at the speed of a snail's excrement. If a snail is very slow, then snailshit is even slower.
Fuck this piece of shit Windows Vista. Every program that I use loads at a speed slower than snailshit.

How long will this youtube video finish loading? This bar moves slower than snailshit!
#snail #shit #slow #piece of shit #vista
by E_Dawg December 29, 2008
To make a very idiotic, or "jackass" assumption. Concatenation of the words "jackass" and "assume"
GF: Don't think you can hide yourself from me. I know that you're checking out that girl who you think is better looking than I am.
Me: Just because I'm looking at that girl doesn't automatically mean I'm checking her out. Maybe I just want to see if she's one of my classmates at my previous school. Maybe I'm not looking at her, but rather, the traffic that's behind her. Don't jackassume things.
#jackass #assume #jackassumption #idiotic #ass
by E_dawg December 26, 2008
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