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Rectal is deeper than anal. In other words, someone who is rectal pays FAR deeper attention to detail than someone who is anal.
Person1: This is ridiculous. I have to get ALL the points right to pass the test?

Person2: Yeah, and to make it worse, if you mispronounce one word or if you take too long or too short of a break in between, you fail.

Person1: That's unfair! Why is the teacher so anal?

Person2: She's more than just anal. She's rectal!
by E_Dawg January 10, 2009
When something is so slow, it moves at the speed of a snail's excrement. If a snail is very slow, then snailshit is even slower.
Fuck this piece of shit Windows Vista. Every program that I use loads at a speed slower than snailshit.

How long will this youtube video finish loading? This bar moves slower than snailshit!
by E_Dawg December 29, 2008
To make a very idiotic, or "jackass" assumption. Concatenation of the words "jackass" and "assume"
GF: Don't think you can hide yourself from me. I know that you're checking out that girl who you think is better looking than I am.
Me: Just because I'm looking at that girl doesn't automatically mean I'm checking her out. Maybe I just want to see if she's one of my classmates at my previous school. Maybe I'm not looking at her, but rather, the traffic that's behind her. Don't jackassume things.
by E_dawg December 26, 2008

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