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A really funny show about a guy named Jeremy that is a "Pro Gamer". www.purepwnage.com GET IT! :D
Dude ep6 of PP just came out! ITS AWESOME
by eXo March 25, 2005
A lay away plan for toys.
Can you bobepatt this for me? I'll pick it up in 6 months.
by EXO November 10, 2004
excessive eBayer of toys. Buyer, seller, amateur sniper.
I got to stay up all night. I have to pull an Eternal D on this auction.
by EXO November 09, 2004
a modelmaker that takes his or her own time and may or may not eventually finish.
He's a fulcy when it comes to his car. It'll eventually end up in the driveway rotting forever.
by EXO November 09, 2004
canadian mustang, hoarder of models, guns and muscle cars.

See Sarah Chalke
I thought I saw a bsu legato run by... must've been the wind...
by EXO November 10, 2004
God of everything, even the christians god, and the gods god.
"Honey, there is a Exodise in my soup"
by Exo July 09, 2003
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