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A word used to describe positive things. Used by all the homiez!
evie: i got crust

homiez: that's bananaz!
by EVIE TRAN August 17, 2009
a chucklehead is someone who is annoying, stupid/idiotic, lame and is a huge prick!
leith: gosh! today while i was studying, joel brendans threw fruit nuggets at my head!
jeffery: zomg what chuckleheads! gosh!
by EVIE TRAN August 16, 2009
Generally, a clueless weirdo who is incredibly silly (can have other general meanings).
Diana: that's so pants!

Evie: what?
Diana: zomgosh you're such a nong!
by EVIE TRAN August 17, 2009

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