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3 definitions by EVANJM

noun: This term can refer to any joyous or even nonsensical event.
My girlfriend and I enjoy happy fun times when she gets drunk and aroused.

When the boss leaves, all of the workers immediately revert to happy fun times.
by EvanJM February 06, 2007
The intense, fast acting effect of Starbuck's coffee on one's digestive system.
Crap, where's the bathroom? I am having an onslaught of Starpoo! There's someone in there! Give me your hat!
by EvanJM March 02, 2007
Expression referring to wanting to be included. A clever way of saying "don't skip me."
Todd: Hey, Bill, Do you want to drink 12 beers and go find some hookers?

Bill: Don't call me skip!
by EVANJM February 20, 2007