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A lifestyle of walking the boundary between darkness and light. True goths love being alive and accept the challenges of being alive. They are often very deep thinkers, creative artists, and great friends. At some point in their life, a true goth has been in some way scarred. Whatever event or events have altered this person, it has only made them stronger. Posers will say their life sucks for the smallest, most insignificant reasons, solely for the sake of attention. A true goth has experienced pain of the heart and bears the scar, but they can further enjoy life because their pain is behind them.

I am proud to wear the scars of my past and have found healing through my arts and the ones I love. The ache is still there, but through expressing my true self I have been able to let go of the hurt. I am a goth and I love my life. I have torn down my walls. I'm not ready to die. I will not change until I have hurt someone. I will always be on the line of light and dark. And when my time comes to pass on, I will remain in the hearts of those who loved me.
We are the spirit of true goth.
by EV Caelle September 10, 2011

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