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1 definition by ENG-ERR-LAAAND

A proud group of people from the greatest nation ever. With a tiny landmass and population we controlled half the world and invented the the modern world, international language, industry, comedy and (errrm) america. Whereas the Wankers, excuse me, Yanks beleisve they are the greatest nation in the world because they own alot of oil. While we took over the world, they couldnt even beat the Vietcong - who wore slippers into combat for fucks sake.
Yank1: I wish i was a limey, they hav such a complex sense of humour.
Yank2: Me too, and they are grammatically accurate in speech.
Yank1: Darn tootin' id piss on the stars and stripes anyday if it meant aquiring a Cockney accent.
by ENG-ERR-LAAAND March 08, 2004