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6 definitions by EN STVNS

A person who has the best girls. and the most bling-bling of anyone.
Tylep P is Pimping
by EN STVNS October 17, 2003
A funny sounding word, general insult.
The incredible adventures of penis boy
by EN STVNS April 28, 2004
A junked old shitty vehical driven by rednecks and some farmers. contains emty beer cans, a torn ou seat and a dog sitting in the front passanger. not to be confused with farm truck
as the hickmobile sped away the rear bumper fell to the ground.
by En Stvns October 13, 2003
The radiator is broken and it has a donut in the place of a full time tire. also rusty and ripped seats
Teyrell's car is a real rez bomb. it has all the above qualities.
by EN STVNS October 17, 2003
To take, steal, snatch, or generally claim as your own.
EN: i'm going to comandeer your wallet
RLYN: aw shit my wallet!
by EN STVNS March 03, 2004
A one line comeback/burn simaler to your mom.
GAY-GE: that is one ugly ass bitch
LANDON: had you
by EN STVNS October 01, 2004