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2 definitions by EN

A sport where two guys get raging boners and run at each other with their boners sticking out. As in medieval jousting, the two guys ram each other with their boners in an attempt to either draw his opponets blood, or to break his opponents boner in half. In correspondence with the IBJA (International Boner Jousting Organization), a case of limp dick will result in an automatic disqualification. Can be used as a means of competition in mating or just for drunken fun.
Pat- "so whatd you guys do this weekend?"
Bennett- "oh i hung out with my girlfriend, whatd you do?"
Pat- "me and my bro got bored so we decided try out boner jousting. It was crazy he cock slapped me so hard i got a concussion, just look at the sweet bruise he gave me"
Bennett- "fag"
by EN April 19, 2006
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A person or thing with to much of nothing to do. Some one who gets on peoples nerves
Kenny and Chis are a bunch of homos who are chong defied
by EN September 30, 2003
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