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To dirty paint is to have a blank canvas i.e a very pale wench.

(Dirty painting is to try to make an improvement to an abomination of a woman which cant look any worse)

This act of dirty painting is when a fugly white girl is stripped down and have faecal matter from the artist rubbed all over the canvas. The artist may or may not choose to use a variation of bodily fluids for different colours. As in phlegm used for a green or a pale yellow, ear wax for orange, or spooge used for a white or a slimy texture. The dirty painting is only complete when the surface area of the wench is covered in exotic bodily fluids.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Wendy?

Guy 2: That disgustingly overweight blob that constantly smells like sweaty flab flaps?

Guy 1: Yeah! i heard some sick artist pinned her down and made her a dirty painting!?!?!?!

Guy 2: hope he made an improvement
by ELWOOD November 06, 2012
One who catches, handles, prepares and cares for the saddle horses on a ranch. Not to be confused with a cowboy, though their character and style of dress are similar. A cowboy can be a wrangler but a wrangler is not, by definition, a cowboy, unless he also tends cattle.
Those wranglers at the UXU ranch couldn't get a horse lined out in under ten minutes if their lives depended on it.
by Elwood October 30, 2004
Australian word (we have a few of our own)Person from outback of australia - usually involved in barely sustainable farming of crap desert land.

Most cockies lose money on farming but gain money on government subsidies (similar to %100 of amercian farmers)
don't know why that cockie bothers trying to scratch a living out of that phunk of desert
by Elwood March 20, 2005
A Vagina
Kathy: That boy's dreaming if he thinks he's getting anywhere near my Coo Pappy.
by Elwood January 06, 2004
Provided with a motive; motivated
I'd mail you my mortgage check, but I ain't motified enough to get up off my ass.
by Elwood January 20, 2004
Word used to describe collected equipment used for equestrian travel, I.E. saddle, bit, bridle, saddlebags, and other gear.

Most popular in the American West.
Get your cack straight and get these horses lined out!
by Elwood October 30, 2004

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