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A wealthy town in the Springfield area of Western Massachusetts filled with a lot of Jewish white people. Lots of big, expensive houses. A BMW and Mercedes parked in every street. Oh, and they have a Gap.
"I'm moving to Longmeadow!"
"Haha, yeah right...too bad you're wicked poor and not white."
by ELHSkid January 06, 2005
Wealthy town in Orange County, California that is the set of "The O.C.".
"Newport Beach is too fancy for you...haha"
by ELHSkid January 06, 2005
Designer brand that costs a lot of money. Famous for their polos. Meant for the wealthy/preppy East Coast crowd.
"That Ralph Lauren polo is off the chain!"
"Please, stop...we live in Greenwich, Connecticut."
by ELHSkid January 06, 2005
A small town in the Springfield area of Western Massachusetts. A poorer version of their better neighbor, Longmeadow. Like Longmeadow, there are tons of white people and overpriced houses, but no Jews here and half the houses are average even though they cost like half a million dollars.
"East Longmeadow rocks man!"
"...you're kidding, right?"
"No, why would I be? I mean come on, this town is wicked cool!"
by ELHSkid January 06, 2005

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